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Самосвалы urbis вместимостью от 5 до 7 кубических метра идеально подойдет для небольших населенных пунктов и маленьких городов.


  • от 5 до 7 кубических метров вместимость самосвала
модель URBIS 5 URBIS 6
Dump body volume (m3) 5 6 7
Total mass on ground (kg) 3,500 3500 - 5000
from 3500 to 7500
Discharge system By means of dump body tip-up
Unloading into compactors with universal aperture

Two side hatches with safety closure

Two automatic rear hydraulic stabilisers

Rear white LED beacon

PVC tank cover

Dual rotation bin tip-up device

Hanging pushbutton panel with coil cable for tank unload on-board machine

Hanging pushbutton panel with coil cable for handling the bin lift & turn device

Manual emergency pump

Rear load assist

Rear rubber pads

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Подробное описание

The URBIS 5 & 7 series attachment supplied by TECNOINDUSTRIE MERLO SpA comprises simple rear-loading tanks with tip-up discharge using a specifi c double-acting cylinder with a single stem. Manual tank loading by operators is facilitated by or tip-up side tailgates on the bodies with stainless steel hinge.

The central rear part of the attachment houses the bin pick-up, lifting and emptying system (optional) with a possible load-assist device.

Tipping kinematics and tank confi guration ensure the possibility of performing coupling manoeuvres inside the rear compactors fitted with a universal loading aperture.

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