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hese mini packer trucks, having a capacity of 5,5 and 8 cubic metres, make it possible to collect and compact waste, thus reducing its volume and making transport easier.


  • вместимость от 5.5 до 8 квадратных метров
модель AZIMUT 6
Dump body volume (m3)
Total mass on ground (kg)
3500 - 5200
5000 - 8000
Compaction system
Articulated single loader blade
Compaction cycle
Manual / automatic / synchronised
Adjustable compaction ratio
From 1:1 to 4:1
Discharge system
By means of dump body tip-up
Unloading into larger compactors

Rear infra-red camera with colour monitor in the cab

Rear white LED beacon

Dual rotation bin tip-up device

Flashing yellow LED beacon

Bin identification system

Merlo Mobility satellite management system

Load weighing device

Rear platform for operators

ALUMINIUM dump body

Hybrid version

● в стандартной комплектации

○ опционально

Подробное описание

The AZIMUT range of attachment supplied by TECNOINDUSTRIE MERLO S.p.A. comprises rear loader minicompactors, with unloading by tipping over the bucket, fitted with an articulated single-blade compact on system with a rotary blade and a slide running on straight guideways. The central rear part of the attachment houses the bin pick-up, lifting and emptying system (optional) with a possible load-assist device. The attachment is compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and is certified by an independent notifi ed body.

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